This poem was written as a response to the piece Navigating Autism. I was moved by what Swathi Chettipally had written and I thought, “life goes on with all its ebbs and flows, perhaps accentuated at this challenging time, for children with disabilities/differently-abled and those with chronic illness.”
Veiled and Shut

The sing-song of your, ‘mama’ rings in my head

The blithe spirit numbed

Now so lonely in a crowd

No joy gladdens

No fears felt?

These distant eyes

That once spoke

Mystic, shut, veiled

In self-enchanted?

What thoughts repressed

And brilliance locked

What love burned

And pain muted

Oh, lament unsaid…

No tears shed,

No laughter spread…

The sing-song of your, ‘mama’ rings in my head


Madhu Raghavan is a pediatrician who enjoys writing, exploring our great outdoors, gardening, and art as a pastime. She is also the artist of the featured image.