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India Currents Foundation recognizes that our mission to raise awareness of underreported issues through journalism and community outreach can only be achieved by actively cultivating diversity, equity, and inclusion in our work internally and externally. 

We acknowledge the richness of lived experiences that each person in our network brings and commit to promoting and leveraging that diversity to strengthen all dimensions of our journalism and community outreach. 

India Currents Foundation acknowledges that:

  • There are societal structures that uplift and empower certain groups based on their intersecting identities and experiences, while at the same time marginalizing and erasing others; we acknowledge that these inequities were developed over time and have continued lasting impact.
  • Journalism and community education have the power to advance a limiting narrative about people, places, and ideas, or to expand and democratize our narratives.
  • Transparency is essential to creating a diverse, equitable, and inclusive organization—as is active and continuous reflection.

India Currents Foundation strives to create a healthy world for all people across race, class, gender, geography, and other differences. To do this we seek to:

  • Attract and retain job candidates, writers, board members, and partners from diverse backgrounds.
  • Support projects and journalists that reflect the diversity of the audiences we serve.
  • Foster a culture of collaboration and respect between arts and cultural programming and outreach partners. 
  • Create an inclusive space at our workplace.
  • Guide our authors to consider inclusivity at every step of the writing process, from research and interviews to the writing and marketing of their stories.
  • Partner with organizations led by people of color in webinars and public events.

We acknowledge that incorporating diversity, equity, and inclusion into our practices is an ongoing learning process. We consider this to be a living document and welcome feedback.