Three Reasons Why Magazine Advertising Matters to Your Business

Three Reasons Why Magazine Advertising Matters to Your Business

When many business owners consider putting out an advertisement for their business product or service, a magazine may not always make their top list of ideas. As mobile and desk top traffic continue to beat out print, businesses are constantly looking for ways to connect to their audience.

If you are looking to publish an advertisement, India Currents has the answer. Our publication has gone completely digital – this means no more outdated printing. Our digital magazine reaches over 150,000 readers every month. If this alone isn’t enough to convince you, below are three reasons magazine advertising should still matter to your business.

Magazines have a longer shelf life than most other media

Yes – even digital magazines. We have years of past publications in our archives for our readers to visit. This isn’t like a social media post that gets hidden over time. Our magazine archives have all the editions over the past years all in one, easy-to-find place.

Magazines Garner a Captive and Eager Audience

Any magazine (digital or not) is typically based on a subscription service. Although our magazine can be accessed by anyone at any time, the vast majority of our readers subscribe to our magazine so they never miss a new edition.

This means that people who subscribe to the magazine are typically looking forward to the next issue, or at the very least – are going to read it when it comes out. Furthermore, these readers are attracted to the ads in our magazine because they align with their interests and the surrounded content – readers enjoy magazine advertising.

Magazines Offer a Highly Targeted Audience to Advertisers

You can reach readers in any niche you would like through choosing the appropriate magazine. We have a particularly enviable audience demographic: highly educated professionals with high household incomes and high net worth through our various platforms. Our readers readily invest in education, real estate, luxury goods, travel, and healthy living.

Due to the breadth and depth of magazines available to customers, advertisers can pinpoint their target market and purchase an ad space in the magazines they subscribe to. The highly targeted audience of India Currents magazine is a fantastic way to ensure you get the return on investment you are looking for.

India Currents has been publishing an award-winning monthly magazine for the past 30 years from Silicon Valley. We offer several avenues to reaching this targeted readership. Choose one or more options to promote your business (multiple selections may offer a discount).

To publish your advertisement in our award-winning magazine, contact us at our headquarters in San Jose today.

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