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India Currents gave me a voice in days I was very lost. Having my articles selected for publishing was very validating – Shailaja Dixit, Executive Director, Narika, Fremont

Shreelata Suresh’s productions, like Sankhya: Numbers and Creation in 2004, are characterized by entertaining dance that takes the audience on a spiritual journey to experience the deeper meaning of the subject. This month, she presents Srishti, which is about the creation of the universe based on tantric philosophy. This concert is a fundraiser for Shiva Murugan Temple, Concord. After pralaya, or dissolution of the universe, shakti, the unmanifest cosmic divine energy rests in a silent motionless void. Sound, as the vibration “aum,” disturbs the slumbering equilibrium of shakti and initiates the unfolding of the manifest cosmos. The primordial sound then splits into two—nada (vibrations) and bindu (base)—and causes the mass of energy to expand and differentiate until 50 articulate sounds have evolved in the gross plane. The universe of forms is created by the permutations and combinations of these root sounds. The music and choreography is by visiting guru Delhi V. Krishnamoorthi. “It highlights the similarities between the tantric philosophy of creation and the traditional margam or repertoire of the bharatanatyam performance as put together by the Tanjore Quartet (four famous composers of South India),” explains Suresh. Rajalakshmi Rajamoney conceptualized the dance drama and researched the theme. An ensemble of accomplished musicians will provide accompaniment: V. Krishnamoorthi (vocal and nattuvangam), Ravindrabharathy Sridharan (mridangam), Subha Narasimhan (violin), Akhilesh (veena). The production will feature six dancers—Shreelata Suresh and five of her senior students from Vishwa Shanthi Dance Academy. “The dancers depict the unfolding of sounds and rhythmic patterns in the universe and climax in a joyous declaration: ‘Everything is Shivam, Everywhere is Divine Energy Shakti,’” says Suresh. Saturday, Sept. 16, 4 p.m. Cubberley Theater, 4000 Middlefield Rd., Palo Alto. $10, $15, $25. (650) 248-3269, (510) 525-1793, (650) 213-9199. Workshops with guru V. Krishnamoorthi (Aug. 13-Sept. 15)

Ashok Jethanandani

Ashok Jethanandani, B.A.M.S. is a graduate of Gujarat Ayurved University, Jamnagar. Jethanandani now practices ayurveda in San Jose.