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 Chef Asif R. Syed, the longtime executive chef at Hilton Marco Island Beach Resort and Spa, competed Sunday night on a fifth-season episode of Food Network’s “Guy’s Grocery Games.”

The hourlong program pits four chefs against each other in contests of skill and creativity inside a supermarket. Syed’s episode, titled “Lemon Bars.”

Reality television is tough, Syed admited to Naples Daily News, especially for first-timers. It is never as easy as it looks, especially under the glare of lights and looking at a camera shoved atop your spatula and right in your face. During Sunday’s show, contestants must prepare stir-fry using only items from even-numbered aisles. Another culinary challenge forces the knife-wielding competitors to deconstruct lemon bars and use those same ingredients to prepare dinner. (Just a hypothetical: How would you turn flour, sugar, eggs and lemon into something other than pastry?)

“A cooking reality show is a combination of food and entertainment,” Syed admits.

But did he enjoy his time as a star? Of course.

“Talking can be done,” Syed said. “But it is better to prove yourself in a cooking battleground.”

Watch king of kurry kook a stir fry Indian inspired.

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