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It’s difficult to find something more frustrating than issues with communication, especially when those issues are caused by a lapse in technology. And with all the modern technology we have access to, you’d think the days of dropped calls and fuzzy connections were over. Luckily, some companies have their customers in mind with their technological advances and upkeep. Cebod Telecom is a one stop shop for all a business’s phone needs, from advanced Private Branch Exchange (PBX) phone systems to an accessible Cloud Phone Service.

Cebod Telecom is a sister company to DIDforSale, an established VOIP wholesale provider. Since its start just three years ago, Cebod Telecom has seen enormous success in providing the phone services for small- to medium- sized businesses. Word of mouth is spreading quickly and businesses all across Southern California are transitioning their office communication to one of the many options for services under Cebod Teleocom. In fact, hundreds of dentist offices, tax and law offices, and growing businesses have effectively made the switch. The benefits of working with Cebod Telecom are obvious to everyone, from owners and managers to administrative staff and even customers. The calls are more clear and the technology more adaptable and user-friendly.

Cebod Telecom has flexible options for phone plans thatare scalable across a plethora of businesses. Their phone service is easy to use, yet completely secure and reliable. Above all else, the phone systems are significantly less expensive than a standard phone service that requires a client company to invest in a number of pricey pieces of hardware and equipment. Rather than utilize bulky, outdated technology, Cebod Telecom expertly relies on a cloud-based system. On top of it all, Cebod Telecom communicates cost upfront and does not surprise clients with any hidden fees. Additionally, Cebod Telecom does not charge clients any additional fees for some of their more advanced features, including SMS, Internet fax services, shared lines, and call forwarding. So, as long as a company has high speed Internet, they can sign up for this all-inclusive, reliable, affordable, modern internet phone service.

Some services in particular are drawing in customers and ultimately helping them simplify their businesses and administrative practices. For example, Cebod Telecom offers a    pay per line package that allows for effortless expansion within a business. This is key, considering many companies will have a policy in place that requires a business to pay per person using the lines. This particular detail may seem trivial, but to a growing business, it’s essential that Cebod Telecom really understands their specific needs. With new features, price points, and products coming out regularly, Cebod Telecom is one of the few phone companies out there that seems to develop and expand in direct response to those needs.

One area that sets Cebod Telecom apart from competitors is their excellent customer care. No matter what phone plan a company chooses, regardless of how many lines, they can receive support from Cebod Telecom. While their phone services provide customers with crystal clear HD call quality and all-inclusive PBX features, their customer service team is readily available if something were to malfunction. Cebod Telecom Co-Founders Jai Parkash Rangi and Kunal Mittal have created a successful business that puts customers first. They care about providing clients with a holistic service, allowing growing businesses to feel like an investment in a phone service Cebod Telecom is an investment in their own business’ expansion.