Numerous comedy movies have been made on dysfunctional marriages.
Dil Dhadakne Do (2015) and Biwi No.1 (1999) are two recent ones. But JugJugg Jeeyo (JJJ) stands out on its own.

In this Bollywood comedy, a synchronized medley of stars, including Neetu Singh, Anil Kapoor, Varun Dhawan, Kiara Advani, alongside Manish Paul and Prajakta Koli, is served, well garnished, by Raj Mehta.

Each of the above stars has played their part in earnest. What I really liked about JJJ is that Manish Paul is highly comical, while not trying to be funny. Anil Kapoor, since the days of Ram Lakhan, is effortlessly able to tickle the funny bone. Neetu Kapoor always brings a smile to your face. Kiara Advani deftly handles the limited role she has, as does Prajakta Koli. Tisca Chopra is endearing in a special appearance and portrays her role with eloquence and grace, while being naughty at the same time.

Prolonged Silences. Resentful Hearts.

There are arguments between Varun Dhawan and Kiara Advani, who are in a marriage crisis, because of one spouse having a successful career. JJJ tries to reinforce love, trust and respect as being the essential pillars of any marriage. It is the prolonged silences and unfinished conversations that create resentful hearts in the lives of an otherwise perfectly matched couple. And of course, the mention of unnecessary male ego makes its way into this movie too.

Also addressed in the movie is the issue of two strangers marrying in an arranged marriage setup. They never really getting to know each other well or fall in love with each other. This is because of their hurry to start a family and raise children. Then, when the children go their way, and the parents become empty nesters again, the husband and wife feel a vacuum in their lives, because they are not really close to each other. 

Arranged Marriage

Also presented in the movie is an interesting dilemma of a girl, who is being urged to marry a guy who, her family feels can provide her a stable and an abundant lifestyle, but she really loves a guy who is still struggling to establish a career. 

In spite of the serious undertones in the movie, there is a comical aura, which is maintained throughout the movie. Each time Manish Paul appears on screen, the audience is amused. His barging in through the window, when Varun and Kiara are trying to be intimate, and his subsequent dialogues, sends the audience into splits. 

I like it the way the loveable mess that ensues is not totally cleaned up in the movie itself, leaving things to look forward to in a positive sort of way.

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The official trailer for JugJugg Jeeyo.

The Bachelor Party

Anil Kapoor is plain hilarious—from the beginning to the end. He stays unabashed and unapologetic throughout the movie. His conversations with Varun, his son in the movie, are hysterical. His ability to bounce back from setbacks in his romance is chucklesome. He seems to have a moral bone too. His appearance at the bachelor party of his future son-in-law is rib-tickling. The various scenes where he snubs Manish Paul are too funny for words, and Manish Paul’s reactions are riotous. The court scenes are enjoyable too. 

In the end, when the credits begin to roll, and you have laughed your belly off, for almost 2 hours, with never a dull moment. The scene which tickles you more than anything else is the sweet gesture by Anil Kapoor to his wife in the movie, Neetu Kapoor.

Big, Fat Punjabi Wedding

Tisca Chopra, who has a cameo in the movie, is refreshing and her role as an independent minded girl, looking for some spice in her life, is amusing. 

The audience also gets to attend the Big Fat Punjabi Wedding, complete with glittering sets, designer wedding suits and lehengas, lots of dancing, singing and drinking, interspersed with marriage jokes.

By all means, watch JJJ if you want to laugh and enjoy a typical Bollywood hungama, but take back the subtle learning that the movie attempts to convey on marital vows and upholding them, maybe even repeating them every few years.

Going with 3.5 stars out of 5, JJJ is a good watch.

Sunil Kakkar

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