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Ode To A Saree

Author in a saree

I am tradition and culture
savvy and modern
I am ageless
neither old nor young
I am emotions, memories
sentiments and longings
I am of all hues 
pastel and vibrant
I am beauty and grace
happiness and envy 
I anger and placate
entice and flatter
I conform to contours
draped any which way
I am a riddle until unfurled
6 yards of sheer wonder
I am an obsession 
of every woman!


From the Indus, Mayan, Mauryan, and Roman civilizations to Chanel, Kate Spade, Swarowski, and Bvlgari, bangles continue to tantalize women the world over. 

Perfectly rounded and ornate, 
glass, metal, lacquer, and agate.
Unparalleled in splendor and beauty
the very symbol of femininity.
Seductive, tantalizing, trendy
beautiful, bright, contemporary.
Luminous, delicate, tinkling 
intricate, shiny, twinkling.
Of every color and every shade
satisfying any need and taste. 
A child’s laughter, a bride’s pride
exotic, precious, worn with delight.
Ancient as the ‘Dancing girl’ sculpture
donned by women in modern culture.

Author at her wedding

An only child, now a wife and mother of two adult children, I am a poet at heart who involuntarily thinks and writes in verse.  Emotions and memories that tug my heart slip out into my notepad as poems. Poetry which began as a hobby when I was a teenager became my catharsis after my father passed away in 2015.