Nonexistent Manner: An Immigrant Parent’s Journey

Nonexistent Manner

The glass; all but overflowing. Positioned lofty at the border of the existing, 

menacing table. It withstands the urge to tremble, maintaining a 

mighty balance in attempt to stay on. Iron-willed.  However

 vigorous the wind blows, it stays. However mighty the 

rain’s droplets, it stays. However many individuals 

pass, it stays. It’s almost immobile, holding 

the absolute truth to ultimate fortune.

 Though, its contents unknown to

 the world. Invisible. The wind 

never brushed up against 

its brawny sides. The 

rain never trickled 

down it’s inside.





 All because it simply doesn’t exist.


I have parents who always dreamt of leaving India to find opportunities in the United States. Along the way, they faced adversity and, at times, accepted failure. I write this poem using my parent’s experience to convey that the concept of success is nearly an imaginary idea as no one is able to withstand every obstacle without failing first. I convey it through the metaphor of a glass cup.

Rashmika Manu is an 11th grader attending high school. She enjoys using poetry as a form of expression. She is passionate about travel and hopes to fight poverty when she is older. 


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