Mumbhai Connection

Mumbhai Connection has been selected as Official Entry in the Narrative Feature category in the Third World Indie Film Festival (TWIFF) 2011. The screening will take place on Friday, Sept 23rd 2011 at the Century Theater at the Great Mall in Milpitas, CA.

Here’s the complete TWIFF schedule:

About Mumbhai ConnectionMumbhai Connection is a commercial Hindi language feature film set in Atlanta. This is a dark comedy that asks the question— “what happens when the corporate world meets the underworld?” It explores and plays with various issues that are relevant today—immigration, unemployment, corporate struggle, recession—and does all this in a tongue-in-cheek Bollywood format that even includes an “item” dance number that is very key to the story.

LANGUAGE: Hindi. Some English. A little Italian, Spanish and Russian


RUNTIME: 92 minutes

SYNOPSIS: When Faisal, a hard working and honest Indian IT salesman in Atlanta, is laid off from his job, his troubles seem never-ending. He has massive debts and no employer wants to sponsor his work visa. Just as he is ready to give up and go back to India, his fate changes. In a wild 70s themed Indian party Faisal runs into an old childhood friend who just happens to be the recruiter for a hot new IT startup company in town, called BA-IT. Over much drinking and partying, Faisal lands a job at BA-IT. Ka-ching! Faisal is ecstatic at his good fortune. However, things are not what they seem. Faisal learns that BA-IT provides IT services to the Atlanta mafia and is run by a shady Indian, Kal, who has links to the Mumbai underworld. Worse, Faisal is hounded by an eccentric undercover Indian cop to turn informer against Kal. Even worse, the Atlanta mafia does not want to buy from BA-IT anymore. His only friend seems to be his colleague the gorgeous and innocent Tara. But what is her link to Kal? Faisal’s very life is in danger as he struggles to figure out what to sell, to whom and how. Stuck with no way out, Faisal is forced to make his boldest sale yet a sale that is going to require all the persuasion and creativity he can muster, an item number and the courage to go boldly where no salesman has gone before.

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