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This summer, guests at Gilroy Gardens Family Theme Park will learn about the science of record-breaking while attempting to set official world records. The family theme park is partnering with GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS LIVE! to host an action-packed show, provide interactive experiences throughout the park, and make official attempts at existing world records.

The GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS LIVE! show will run daily at the Lakeside Ampitheater from June 10 through August 14. At each performance, the audience will learn about the science of record breaking and have the opportunity to practice, attempt, and even break actual records in real time onstage. The GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS LIVE! show is co-produced by RWS Entertainment Group, a New York based production company that specializes in custom entertainment, live events, and brand experiences.

Kids of all ages will also be invited to join the “GWR Club,” pick up a GWR passport, and search throughout the park for GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS memorabilia and exhibits. At each station, passport holders can collect stamps featuring famous records from around the world.

Gilroy Gardens guests will also be invited to participate in two GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS Official Attempts. The first is for Most people contributing to a stamp image. The current world record is 3,154 people, achieved by LIVAT Center (China) in Beijing, China on April 30, 2017. Throughout the summer, park guests will use rubber stamps to create a giant image of park’s signature Basket Tree. The image will eventually be displayed against the backdrop of the Lakeside Amphitheater.

The second official attempt will be the world’s largest tree hug. The previous record was set in a forest in Thiruvananthapuram, India on March 21, 2017 and consisted of 4,620 people all hugging trees for one minute at the same time. Park organizers plan to attempt breaking that record at Gilroy Gardens Family Theme Park on Saturday, August 12, with official adjudicators from GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS on hand to certify the official record.

Barb Ganter, General Manager of Gilroy Gardens Family Theme Park, said, “The whole idea of Gilroy Gardens was inspired by our founder Michael Bonfante’s love of trees, so we are tremendously excited to attempt a new world record for Largest Tree Hug. We welcome guests to enjoy the record-setting fun at GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS LIVE! all summer long — and save the date for August 12 to help us make tree-hugging history!”

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