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The chances of being asked out on a second date by a guy you like on a first date are exponentially greater if you are skilled in getting your message of wanting another date across during the first date itself. Below are five effective ways to flirt on a first date you’re genuinely enjoying:

i) Smile Frequently. Everyone loves a warm smile, so make sure you show off your pearly whites. Of course, this doesn’t mean sitting across from your date smiling like a Cheshire cat. It does mean, however, to show you’re genuinely happy. Smile frequently throughout your date, as this communicates the fact that you are having a good time.

ii) Laugh Often. Again, the idea is to have fun on your first date. This will increase the chances of a second date. Laughing is a big part of this equation. Be careful with this tip, though. Excessive laughing, especially at something that isn’t that funny, will seem like you are trying too hard. However, don’t hesitate to share your real laugh when something is amusing enough to merit a chuckle.

iii) Touch Occasionally. At some point during your date, touch your man. A light touch on his hand or a brush of your hand across his knee is all that is necessary. You can also do a half-hug when first meeting. Combine them all to create an overall successful first date.
iv) Compliment Him. Don’t go overboard, but at some point make sure you compliment your date. This will show him you are into him, that you admire him, and you want to get to know him better. I would recommend complimenting something he did versus his physical appearance. A guy will know if you are just giving him empty praise, so make it genuine.

v) Imply You Are Open For More. You should ensure he knows you want to go out again. Don’t be too pushy about it, though. You don’t have to pin him down on your next date, time or place. However, you can mention how you like doing a certain activity then casually say something to imply you would like him to go along with you next time you do it.

In short, if you enjoyed the company on your first date and look forward to a second, don’t hesitate to communicate your interest in your date.

Jasbina is the founder and president of Intersections Match, the only personalized matchmaking and dating coaching firm serving singles of South Asian descent in the United States. She is also the host of Intersections Talk Radio.

Jasbina Ahluwalia

Jasbina Ahluwalia adds a unique contribution to the Matchmaking industry–she has pioneered an approach to matchmaking, which blends the best of the East and the West. She is an Indian-American attorney-turned-entrepreneur,...