I was very excited when I knew that Priyanka was going to be presenting at the Oscar awards in 2016. Last year, the Oscars had a record viewership of 43.6 million viewers around the globe. It is an event that is the pinnacle of achievement within the entertainment industry, but, it is also the one place where you can see all the stars in their fashionable best. It was a big moment and a big opportunity to communicate her style to a global audience. We all wanted something unique and special – Priyanka, her publicist Dana,her mother Madhu Chopra, and her manager, Anjula Acharia-Bath.
          I started looking before Christmas for the perfect dress. I was in love with Zuhair Murad’s Designs and was waiting to see his much-anticipated couture show. When I saw that white dress, the style flew off the runway and grabbed my attention right away. I knew in my heart that this was her dress.
           We requested many other gowns and I flew to Montreal where Priyanka was filming Quantico to do a fitting with about 40 gowns in tow. We then did the fitting and the white was a top option along with many others but it needed alterations. In case the alterations did not work out the way we wanted them to, we flew back for a second fitting along with a few more options for dresses.
           Priyanka arrived in Los Angeles on Saturday morning before the Oscars and we did yet another fitting to make sure it worked. Then came choosing all the diamonds to serve as accessories for the sheer white dress. We were beyond thrilled to work with the iconic Lorraine Schwartz. She chose 8 million dollars worth of diamonds – the results under the beautiful lights of the red carpet were simply stunning
           We were with her, fixing everything to be just so, right up till the moment Priyanka walked out the door. Then we saw her show up on the red carpet, taking questions with such grace and elegance. It was such a surreal moment! All the hard work had paid off.
           Priyanka’s dress and look were among the Top 10 searches on Google for the best looks during the Oscars last year. It was one more ‘celebrity’ experience to cherish!

Sophia Banks is a Celebrity Stylist and Designer who also Directs commercials  for big brands like BMW, Sparkling ICE, Ford, Rimmel, Christian Siriano, Pam & Gela, GenLux, and has had her commercials show in Times Square Billboards. www.sophiabanks.com Instagram: @sophiabanksc