Contrast and Parallels

Yuva Bharati will begin the New Year with a thematic dance production that brings together seasoned artists Indumathy Ganesh and Nirupama Vaidhyanathan representing bharatanatyam; Radhika Shankar represents the bharatanrithyam style, and Jyothi Lakkaraju represents kuchipudi.

Santa Dasu, of Yuva Bharati says, “We try to bring together various dance schools to promote a dialogue and discussion between artists resulting in well thought-out programs. This also lets audiences from one school watch and appreciate the performances of other schools. Ours is the only organization that makes the effort to bring various artists and dance forms to one stage.”

Radhiks’s style, bharathanrithyam is characterized by lyrical movements based on karanas found in temple sculptures. This contrasts to the overall angular, straight lines found in bharatanatyam represented by Indumathy and Nirupama.

Indumathy feels that a thematic effort forces her to delve deep into the subject matter, and her training for many years where the background was always narrated and clearly explained helps her to this day while handling new choreography. Jyothi, on the other hand, feels that when she collaborates with bharatanatyam dancers, her challenge has always been to keep the sanctity of kuchipudi intact. “In pure dance as well as in the narrative aspects, the two styles need to come together to have a pleasing oneness, while retaining the sanctity of each, and that is the challenge for each one of us.”

As for me, I know that a viable collaboration can happen only when there is a spirit of give and take, and that spirit is evident every time we get together to practice. In choreography, there is an open exchange of ideas and the results of this collaborative effort promises to be a treat to audience members.

Jan 24, 4 p.m. Mission Center for the Performing Arts, 3250 Monroe St., Santa Clara . $15, Free for Yuva Bharati members.

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