“I’m A Warrior” – Priya’s Story – Chai With Sahelis: A Desi Dost Project

Chai With Saheli’s -Priya’s Story

In a unique storytelling project, survivors from our community share deeply personal stories about their experience living with and surviving  domestic violence. This is Priya’s story. “I’m A Warrior.”
We’re calling her Priya in this story, to protect her identity.

Priya’s husband abused and abandoned his new bride in their first year of  marriage. In the struggle to reinvent her life, Priya discovered resilience and purpose. “Don’t give survivors advice they didn’t ask for,” says Priya. “We just need love and support.”

This audio project is the first of a three-part series for October’s Domestic Violence month, supported by the USC Center for Health Journalism in partnership with Desi Collective, Narika and India Currents.

This content is intended only for mature audiences. Listener discretion advised.
CW/TW: domestic violence, language, mental health, mental illness, depression, su*c*de, violent imagery, body image, anger, anxiety, abandonment

Chai With Sahelis
Episode 1: I’m A Warrior
Episode 2: It’s Not Just A Thappad
Episode 3: Don’t Take My Child From Me

This article was produced as a project for the USC Annenberg Center for Health Journalism’s 2021 Domestic Violence Impact Reporting Fund.

Artwork: Priya
Music: Happy India by Neil Cross on storyblocks.com

If you or anyone you know needs help, please contact:
Narika : 1-800-215-7308
Maitri : 1-888-8624874
Raksha : 1-866-56-ABUSE
Domestic Violence Hotline : 1-800-799-SAFE (7233)

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