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Is Terrorism Dead?

Is Terrorism Dead?

The end of Osama bin Laden might lead to a desire to declare victory, exit Afghanistan, and forget about that region. That would be a mistake!  Last time we declared victory in Afghanistan and left, it gave us the Taliban, Al Qaeda, and attacks on the Twin Towers....

Why We Are Destined To Fail In Afghanistan

The war in Afghanistan has entered its ninth year. With over 100 soldiers getting killed in June 2010 and $738 billion spent so far, the cost in blood and treasure continues to escalate. Our initial mission—preventing Afghanistan from becoming a base for Al Qaeda and...

Immigrants and Jihad

I can’t deny a smug feeling of schadenfreude. Britain, a nation with a colonial past, responsible in large part for the genesis of Islamic fundamentalism during her imperial rule, is facing divisiveness due to the attitude of some of her Muslim immigrants. Few people...
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