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Digital Leaders

Digital Leaders

I work in education. I was recently asked to “tweet” in order for our department to gain visibility within our own organization, something I have been consciously avoiding. I quickly discovered three previous Twitter accounts which I started and abandoned after my...

The 4 Photo Wedding Album

We have the shortest wedding photo album, with 4 photos. It’s in stark contrast to my brother’s album. He had a “proper” Indian wedding—it lasted three days, I saw cousins I hadn’t seen in 18 years; I still have all the outfits. Speeches were given, and we made sure...
Culturally Diverse Apps For  Kids

Culturally Diverse Apps For Kids

First, full transparency. When the editor asked me to check out Literary Safari—a company that makes multicultural  apps, she mentioned one possible angle to cover as, “the best results are felt when parents actively mediate digital content for kids instead of...
Made in the Divided States of America

Made in the Divided States of America

There is a woman holding a cardboard, hand-lettered sign outside of the little artisan produce mart in Glen Park, near the geographic center of San Francisco, where I live. She has it right now, as I type this. “Please help. Husband deported. I have three kids.”...
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