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The Story of Brown Girl Surf

The Story of Brown Girl Surf

My name is Farhana. I am the daughter of immigrant parents from Pakistan and Bangladesh. I am the founder and chief trailblazer of a unique idea—Brown Girl Surf. This is my story. My family came to America nearly 40 years ago. My mother was the first woman in our...


CORPORATE SWINDLE Several days ago, I found a newspaper at my doorstep; the headline read, “Senate Gives Corporations Huge Tax Cut.” I have been laughing about it ever since. The United States claims to be the greatest democracy of all time, “under God,” “of the...

The Cake

I will never forget that day. The white sheet cake. The snobby gallery owner. The Iraqi man at the liquor store. All came together that day, teaching me a little something about the selfishness, generosity, and resilience of the human spirit. I had asked Maricela, one...
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