A Silent Drop in the Ocean


A Silent Drop in the Ocean is an endeavor to bring to light small/big acts by ordinary people like you and me, that are done towards a cause close to one’s heart. It may be anything that is concerned with the betterment of humankind, without the intent of any monetary gain or any fame. Be it charitable acts towards a human or environmental cause, their intention is to create a ripple effect to encourage everyone to contribute in any small way they say on their facebook page. This, they say, would create a positive environment not only in our own minds, but also the society. We would like to promote the positive aspects of the society instead of harping on the negatives. 

They want to feature stories about any person, be it a relative, friend or neighbor, who has in any way has been doing those small/big good deeds on the Drop in the Ocean’s facebook page. A page whose circulation is increasing every day.. You can inbox them the name, story and picture of that person.This page they say is purely for promoting positivity. There is no monetary or commercial aspect to it.

One of the person’s featured on their page is Archit Puri, a 3rd year college student, who, along with a few college friends started a venture called Project Bhog.

Combining his love for good food, entrepreneurial outlook and the desire to help others in a meaningful manner, Archit Puri, a 3rd year college student, along with a few college friends started a venture called Project Bhog. This project empowers young individuals from economically weak backgrounds through culinary skill training at IHM,Mumbai and entrepreneurship and communication skill training by a team of experts. Not only are his trainees working at the 5 star establishments such as The Westin and ITC Maratha, a couple of them have even started their own catering business with the help of his team. A desire to solve problems and to an create an impact in people’s lives, is what keeps him going. His efforts were ratified recently when the Mahindra group decided to fund his venture.

Project Bhog will expand to cities such as Bhopal and Delhi and aims to train and uplift 40 such individuals in the next one year. His biggest strength he says is his team of 12 highly motivated student leaders “Give a man a fish; you have fed him for today. Teach a man to fish; and you have fed him for a lifetime.” Bhog goes a step ahead and teaches him how to cook the fish.

We need a similar energy and passion from our youth today, to bring about a positive change, a change that we all have been dreaming of, says Drop in the Ocean as they pat Archit on the back, “Kudos to Archit Puri!”

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