Ankita Jain, a senior at Cupertino High School, attributes her stress free high school life and her success in getting good grades to her yoga family and her yogic upbringing. Both of her parents have taken Yoga Teacher Training with Yoga Bharati more for their own self-growth than to become teachers.

Ankita grew up doing yoga since she was 5 years old. She says that this has taught her the discipline to sleep by 10:30pm on most nights, even as a high school student. She believes yoga has taught her to focus and be aware of her priorities. She says that students in her age group spend a lot of time on social life, both online and in-person. This is because high school creates so much stress that they need to de-stress by socializing. But Ankita says that she herself is under relatively less stress because she has developed a sense of acceptance towards how things will turn out in the future: be it her grades or acceptance into her dream school for her undergraduate studies.


Chinmay Surpur is now a high honors graduate with a Bachelors of Science from UC Santa Barbara in Biopsychology (Neuroscience). He attributes his success to yoga and the yogic nurturing he received as a child from his parents who are both yoga teachers. He wants to pursue a Ph.D. to conduct research in clinical psychology and yoga.

He decided to work at Yoga Bharati during his gap year to develop education courses and to bring research projects in collaboration with UC Santa Barbara, his alma mater. He says yoga has helped him build a strong work ethic, undying discipline, and a toolbox of practices to help him work through any physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual difficulty he faces. He believes that yoga is the ideal form of holistic health care and that humanity should be moving towards a preventative model of healthcare using yoga as the primary method of self-improvement. He is hoping to empower communities across the world to maintain positive health through utilizing the ancient practice of yoga.


Gregory is a student at a juvenile-recovery charter school in Los Angeles. He is now completing his high school diploma. He wants to be a yoga teacher but did not have the support to pay for the training, so Yoga Bharati offered him to train him for free. He said this training was transformational. The lecture on Karma Yoga, as explained in the Bhagavad Gita, was inspiring and changed his view on life. Two weeks after listening to the lecture, he said he forgot what anger and frustration was; whereas before that, a day would not go by without getting angry and ruining his day.


Swami Vivekananda said “Education is a man making, life making, character building assimilation of ideas.” The Yoga Bharati courses are designed to systematically train students in the techniques of yoga and to help increase self-awareness as they begin their own journey of self-development. Yoga Bharati believes in practicing before preaching.

There are many benefits of taking this course: you will develop the ability to integrate your body, mind, and soul through yoga techniques; stress management and the prevention of stress-related ailments; improved memory, creativity, and calmness through the use of pranayama and meditation; empowerment to serve society through teaching others.

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