Voice of Specially Abled People (VOSAP) is a US California based non – profit organization in ‘Special Consultative Status’ with United Nation’s ECOSOC working towards creating an inclusive and accessible world for empowerment of Specially Abled People(SAP).

VOSAP has a volunteer community of 11,600+ people globally. By leveraging technology and transformative digital tools, VOSAP is engaging with Highschool and College students, Corporates, Government and UN through its various initiatives.

VOSAP has enabled Specially Abled People with innovative Assistive Devices like Torchit smart cane,  Kibo smart reader, smartphones etc across 10 States in India, and has changed the lives of 14,500+ Specially Abled People DIRECTLY, and put a smile on 75,000+ faces since 2018.

VOSAP launched the Virtual Assistive Technology Exhibition on Dec 3, 2021 to bridge the gap between Assistive Technology suppliers, innovators and organizations,consumers.

To accelerate innovation in Assistive Technology VOSAP also organized the International Hackathon on Assistive Technology in 2022 where 114 entries from 11 states in India and CA, USA participated. Our expert grand jury from AT Industry, Academia and Incubation, identified Top 10 prototypes/products such as stairlift, solar tricycle, folding crutches, and a variety of mobile app/software solutions for Visually Impaired, Hearing Impaired and Learning Disabled.

VOSAP’s technology focus to enable, empower and mainstream Specially Abled People has created a new large transformative opportunity for all in 2022.

  • Our goal is to setup a $1Million AT Acceleration Fund to accelerate market entry to change millions of lives in the coming years! 
  • We have a great opportunity to double the impact and empower Specially Abled People by matching donations of US $500,000 by December 25. 

VOSAP has already signed SoI with NITI Aayog, Govt. of India and MoU with Incubation partners in India and Atal Innovation Mission, NITI Aayog, Govt. of India, to help innovators with infrastructure, mentorship and other resources. 

Join the Mission of Changing Lives, DOUBLE YOUR IMPACT NOW!!! 

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