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A Balancing Act
Ritu Marwah’s story (The Help Effect, India Currents, April 2014), gave me food for thought. In our pursuit of the great suburban ideal we have forgotten about creating community and doing things together to raise our families. I stayed home and worked part-time, but that has come at a great financial cost. On the other hand, it opened up wonderful opportunities for fresh meals, lots of family time and time with the community. Sadly, most folks take advantage of cheap labor, mostly immigrants, to balance their homefront.
Rashmi via Facebook

High Demand
The Forum column (Are Anti-tech Protests in San Francisco Justified?, India Currents, April 2014) is globally relevant. One can substitute  Poona, Chennai or Beijing for San Francisco. The rise in house prices and rentals can be traced to the inflated pay scales offered by the IT industry. Most of the mundane jobs in IT world require skill levels less than a school level diploma but command  high remunerations. The reason is explained by the high market demand for tech products. But who sets up the demand? How are these products priced?

The leading engineering entrepreneurs of the nineteenth and twentieth century had the all round well-being of society in mind. The present IT industry giants look for short term excessive gains with scant respect for sustainable and healthy progress.
 Arun Sekar, Morgan Hill

South Africa—Garden of Eden
The travel article (Cradle of Humankind, India Currents, April 2014) prompts this response from a second generation Indian, born in Durban, South Africa. Life on an adopted land levels many barriers to forge new alliances.

South Africa, located near an ocean, with its pristine coastal beaches rivals any resort and invokes images of sunny skies, picnics (braais), good food, joyous crowds, which attracts many visitors, including Bollywood filmmakers and diehard cricket fans.

A visit to this unique place with with its lush rainforests and national parks, could be your garden of Eden. It’s mine.
Sushilla Bhangal, Union City, CA

The commentary by Ras Siddiqui (The Great Divide, India Currents, April, 2014) is revealing.  The Partition was totally immoral, and can never be justified.  And yet India, by its treatment of Muslims, including Ras’ visa denial, has validated and vindicated Pakistan, and subsequently Bangladesh.
Mohammad Shoaib, Anaheim, CA

A Slice of Life
Quoting a phrase coined by one of your friends, you weave a “slice of life” so beautifully, in absolute “Saritorial” eloquence in your On Inglish column! (Stop by for Chai, India Currents, April 2014) In fact how colorfully resonant is drinking Chai to most Indians? From the Shankar Vilas Hindu Hotel “Chalu Chai” I drank in Bombay 30 years ago, to the “Samahan Chai” I am drinking for my infected throat these days, Chai has been such an integral slice of my life. I had no idea that the etymological roots came from the Mandarin cha—you live and learn from Kalpana’s pen everyday
Shivakumar Raman via Facebook

The Recipe Connection
I loved the article by Kavya Padmanabhan! (The Cookbook of Memories, India Currents, April 2014). I am sure your thatha lives through one quarter of you, as you say, and he is smiling up there! I look forward to your cookbook of memories
Sumana Srinivasan via Facebook

No Voice, No Face
I appreciated the article by Rajee Padmanabhan. (Kuppamma’s Story, India Currents, April 2014). The fact is there are lots of such people (like Kuppamma) everywhere, including our own country, who have neither voice nor face.
Janvi Vijayam via Facebook

Vandana Kumar

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