Twenty Years of Bharatanatyam


Nrithyollasa Dance Academy celebrates 20 years of imparting the rich classical dance of India, bharatanatyam, to the Bay Area. The dance production “Natana Saram: the Quintessence of Dance,” featuring artistic director Indumathy Ganesh and students of Nrithyollasa, will showcase the essence and intricacies of this art form through the presentation of the traditional margam (repertoire) of bharathanatyam.


Items selected highlight the rhythmic (nritta) and the emotional (nritya) aspects and are uniquely interpreted and given life through varied movements and facial expressions to evoke strong sentiments.
“Any form of art has its own place of origin, where its language and culture are directly reflected,” Ganesh says.

“After 20 years of contributing to the Bay Area community, I can confidently say that this dance form has crossed all boundaries. Its style and presentation have undergone changes catering to the needs of modern times, but staying within the traditional framework. Students from various ethnicand cultural backgrounds learn this art,” she says.
Accompanying the dancers will be Ganesh (nattuvangam), Asha Ramesh (vocal), N. Narayan (mridangam), Shanthi Narayan (violin), Raghavan Manian (flute), and A. Mahadevan (morsing).

Saturday, Jan. 30, 6:30 p.m. Jackson Theater, Ohlone College, 43600 Mission Blvd., Fremont. $15 general; $12 student/senior. (510) 623-8230.[email protected].

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