Share Your Thoughts

To those who feel bad about Trump winning, I have some thoughts to share. Several posts are blaming the left for getting Trump elected, or accusing the protesters for not being democratic.
In my mind, the left can be blamed for one thing, which was—“playing by the rules.” They were beaten by someone who was not willing to play by the rules. He indulged in tactics including demonizing immigrants, threatening to incite violence against his opponent, and questioned the validity of the election itself.

Now we live through a very uncertain period where each step has to be taken cautiously. Don’t pretend and think “Every thing will be alright, because the good will ultimately prevail.”

1. Do not underestimate your own abilities.

2. Follow through on your convictions.

3. You are the leader. Not the ones who chose to vote from the shadows. You don’t have to react to them. Just let them be.

4. Life is sometimes harder than it needs to be—so be it.

5. No one is perfect, neither are you.  What if your choices were not right? Avoid feeling trapped in regrets (including choice of Hillary Clinton vs. Bernie Sanders.)

6. You have 50% of those that voted supporting your beliefs, but there are roughly the same number of people who disagree. What would you have done if it was 90% who agreed and only 10% who disagreed with you? Would you have  attempted to steam roll over them because you won?

7. Winning often make things easier, but it can lead to complacency. Losing on the other hand brings you closer to your resolve and pushes you to do better.

8. Yes, it is your right to protest in a non-violent manner. If you can push things in the right direction, by all means protest. However the opportunity to take big steps should not be lost.

9. Develop the strength and courage to guide youngsters during this time.

10. If you are not convinced that the leader at the top will take the country in the right direction, then it is time to focus on developing local leaders in your own communities who believe in the values you cherish. They will matter more to you on your journey.

Enjoy the journey!
Sriram Dakshinamurthy is an engineer by profession and lives with his family in San Jose.