For most of us going to the movies is a fun event. It is at once intensely personal, yet paradoxically a social event. We go to be engaged, excited, satisfied, and sobered.

And at times we are reminded of the real power of film—to delve into important social issues and bring them to the forefront of public knowledge. The 2012 Third World Independent Film Festival (TWIFF) was created exactly for that reason, bringing together filmmakers from developed countries and allowing them to screen films that tackle social issues that are most important today.  The festival provides a platform to introduce their films to the broadest possible audience.




The festival celebrates cultural diversity as well as social awareness, bringing light to issues once only associated to developing nations. Issues such as: poverty, unemployment, human trafficking, war, water crisis, and many more. But with globalization the gap that used to separate third world countries from developed nations has narrowed and these issues are now in the forefront of audiences everywhere.
This year, TWIFF will be presenting 32 films from 21 countries. Film synopses and trailers: Comprehensive schedule:

September 21-23. Century 20 Theatres at Great Mall, 447 Great Mall Drive, Milpitas. Day Pass: $15, Festival Pass: $40.

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