Clothing brand Anouk is currently in news for its lesbian advertisement showing a lesbian couple preparing to meet the parents of one of them. The ad has been getting rave reviews for portraying a complex issue in a subtle and easy manner.

Clothing and accessory brand Fastrack had come out with a lesbian ad in 2013 that had “Come out of the closet” as its tagline.

The Fastrack ad begin with a closed pink closet, which when opens has two girls adjusting their clothes and hair, giving each other jittery looks; the scene hints that something has happened inside the closet. They then walk away from each other and the words “Come out of the closet” fill the screen, with Fastrack’s tagline, “Move On.”


The ad came out in April 2013, when homosexuality was not declared a crime in India, which is perhaps the reason that it didn’t get the attention that the Anouk ad is getting.

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