The Lineage of Music


Concert-goers will enjoy an evening of classical music with two highly talented musicians.


Suman Laha is a well-known name in the Indian classical music community of Southern California. He comes from an artistically enriched family: his grandfather, late Shyam Laha was a popular Bengali film star of ’50s and ’60s, and Laha’s grand-uncle, the Late Nadu Mallick, was an expert musician and craftsman who later taught Laha. Laha then trained at the Senia Gharana by the eminent master Shyamal Chattopadhyay.
Starting his career as a classical guitarist, Laha later designed an instrument inspired by the ancient Vichitra Veena, which was played with black stone. Laha uses special steel bar instead.
Laha’s performances are an exquisitely balanced synthesis and modern musical expression without sacrificing the essence of this ancient art. He displays of formidable mix of vivid dedication, keen aesthetic sense, and a mature virtuosity.
Joining Laha will be Anindo Chatterjee, a tabla great virtuoso. Chatterjee started studies at the age of 5 under Ustad Afaq Hussain Khan of Lucknow gharana and then had 30 years of training under the famed Pandit Jnan Prakash Ghosh.
Today, Chatterjee is respected as one of the most important tabla-makers, teachers, and researchers. His performances are marked by clarity of tone, very crisp, and clear bols and an intutive sense of rhythm and melody.

Sunday, Sept. 20, 5 p.m. The University of Philosophical Research, 3910 Los Feliz Blvd., Los Angeles. $25 general; $20 students. (310) 462-2241.[email protected]

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