Where: Sunnyvale Community Theater, 550 E Remington Dr, Sunnyvale, CA 94087

When: 4 pm on November 26, 2023

Dr. K. Srikar Reddy, the Consulate General of India, San Francisco will be the chief guest at the International Center for Kuchipudi’s celebratory concert at the Sunnyvale Community Theater on November 26, at 4 pm. The function marks three years since renowned Kuchipudi dancer Bhavana Reddy started training students virtually through her institute. 

Since starting in 2020, Reddy teaches students from all over the world and works to promote the enduring, ancient legacy of Kuchipudi dance, drawing upon the teachings of her parents Drs. Raja & Radha Reddy, and guru Kaushalya Reddy. 

She has trained more than 40 students – both experienced and beginners – in the past three years, and many of them will travel from their respective cities to camp and celebrate the third year of their Kuchipudi dance training in Sunnyvale Theater, California, USA. The event is open to the public.