The Biggest ISIS Threat is to Muslims Worldwide


ISIS has engaged in a war against the world. ISIS is engaged in a war against Muslims.

Muslims living in the western world are continually being de-stabilized by the horrific and barbaric acts perpetrated against peaceful civilians in the world. In the last few weeks, we bore witness to the deaths of 129 people in Paris; 43 people in Beirut; 224 people aboard a Russian jetliner; 25 people in Yemen; and a slow steady stream of murders in the Middle East. Then there’s the unquantifiable upheaval that they have instigated, forcing thousands upon thousands of Muslim migrants to leave the lands that they grew up in, to knock on foreign doors, and to face the hostility of strangers.

ISIS has unleashed a climate of mistrust. Mistrust against Muslims, against brown-skinned, dark-eyed people, people who are of “other” communities and “other” religions. That is their heinous strategy and that is their horrific mission, to weaken the minority communities of the world.

By recruiting the youth and the vulnerable in marginalized communities, these violent jihadists believe that theirs is the sustainable path. To destroy the world that doesn’t agree with them. History has already shown us that this is a short term strategy, because compassion and humanity will ultimately prevail.

Every death is a loss, be that of a Christian, Muslim, Jewish, Hindu or Buddhist. Every death is to be mourned: white, black or brown. Compassion has to be creed and color blind.

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