Tamil Program Remembers 1980s


Ilayaragam, a band from the San Francisco Bay Area, will perform at a Tamil light music show with a full orchestra of over 20 artists. The band’s touring program, Sangeetha Megam, is a collection of work by music director maestro Ilaiyaraja. Their last performance  in Northern California had an 800 strong audience that included ardent Ilayaraja fans from as far as Phoenix and Southern California.


Since the name Ilaiyaraja is synonymous with orchestration, the band’s goal is to remind people that music can be soothing to the soul, and at the same time leave an everlasting impression.  The production, Sangeetha Megam, is a collection of melodies from the golden age of Tamil music, the ’80s, and is a musical journey through Ilaiyaraja’s work, showcasing his evergreen melodies and foot-tapping rhythms.
The group’s very first show was at a charity event, and this next performance will follow suit. Inivited by the Southern California Tamil Manram (SCTM), the benefit will raise funds for Udavum Karangal (Helping Hands), a registered, nongovernmental, nonreligious, nonprofit social service organization established in 1983, with a sole objective of serving orphans and those who are destitute. After 25 years, the institution has grown to house and care for 2,000 residents.

Southern California Tamil Manram was founded in 2006 by like-minded individuals who wanted to offer wholesome fine arts to the Tamil community in Southern California. Since inception, they have held several programs, including community cultural events, skits, classical music-based programs, full-length light music events, plays, and other events.

Saturday, April 10, 5 p.m. Hoover Middle School Auditorium, 3501 Country Club Drive, Lakewood. $12, $25. Tickets:www.sulekha.com/ticketsv3. [email protected].www.udavukarangal.org. www.ilayaragam.com.

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