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The Road to College Admissions

Lost for where to start your journey to attending a top U.S. college? Wondering if you’re behind your peers? Confused about what step comes next?

We have a map to help you find your way. There are steps you can take all four years of high school to improve your candidacy for a top university acceptance. With hard work and the right guidance, you can make it to the finish line! 

This guide walks you through each high school semester, but don’t forget to take advantage of those summers, too! Even if your teachers or peers aren’t thinking ahead, summer break is the perfect opportunity to set yourself apart.

Here are some suggestions for your superstar summers:

  • Rising Freshman Summer: Reach out to friends and look at the list of clubs you can join. You can also brush up on fundamental subjects.
  • Rising Sophomore Summer: Practice target skills, take a class at a local community college or online, build good writing and study habits, and explore extracurricular and academic interests.
  • Rising Junior Summer: Take more advanced courses in subject areas that most interest you. Start participating in camps or competitions. Start narrowing down your list of schools and majors. Prepare for standardized tests.
  • Rising Senior Summer: Apply for competitive summer programs, internships, and hands-on opportunities to set yourself apart. Begin the actual college applications.
  • Final Summer before college: Some schools offer bridge classes to help you adjust to college workloads. Otherwise – spend time with your family, check off any bucket list activities in your hometown, and get excited about your new home for the next few years!

Navigating the college application process can be challenging – that’s why we recommend speaking to a college counselor. Empowerly connects you with a team of college admission experts, handpicked based on your interests & goals. Whether you’re looking to develop your extracurricular profile or need support with summer programs or college applications, our counselors can boost your admissions chances to your dream college. 

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Las Positas College: Learn A New Skill Or Career Today!

Apply today for Fall Classes at Las Positas College!  Looking to train up for a new job or a different job? Displaced from work and want to learn a new trade? Las Positas College offers a wide variety of online programs for in-demand careers. Las Positas College is here for you. It’s no wonder that 4 out of 5 students would encourage others to attend Las Positas College. Visit LasPositasCollege.edu and Apply Today!


So Many Choices at Chabot College

Recently coming off of its largest graduating class in history, Chabot College is ready to help incoming students this fall find successful and meaningful careers. 

“In May, Chabot saw its largest graduating class in the college’s 58 year history,” said Dr. Susan Sperling, President. “Over 1,300 students completed associate degrees, plus over 500 certificates awarded. Once a student enrolls, it’s our job to help them reach their education goals. For some, it’s enhancing their current career choice with additional training; others are choosing to re-enter the workforce, change careers or take classes for personal enrichment. A large number of our student body are students who have just graduated high school and are taking the first, and in some cases final, step in fulfilling their dreams.” 

Part of assisting students in their pursuit of education is offering financial assistance to students who qualify. All students, regardless of immigration status, can take advantage of financial aid programs available at Chabot. DREAMers are encouraged to fill out the Dream Application, while non-DREAMers should take advantage of applying for funding through the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) to determine which programs are available to them. Programs include everything from the California College Promise Grant fee waiver to scholarships, federal work-study and other federally funded grants to help students pay their way through school. 

Securing funding will allow students to complete one of the dozens of programs or certificates available at Chabot. Students have so many programs to choose from, including Chabot’s newest nationally accredited programs include Early Childhood Development Associate in Arts Degree and Chabot’s Music Department recently became the first California community college to receive accreditation by the National Association of Schools of Music. Whether seeking a transfer degree in Business Administration, an Associate of Arts in Dental Hygiene, an Associate of Science in Interior Design, a certificate of achievement in Digital Photography or a certificate of proficiency in Inspection and Pipe Welding, Chabot has the classes students need and programs students want. 

Visit www.chabotcollege.edu to see what’s in store for you at Chabot. Fall classes begin August 19. 

About Chabot College Chabot College in Hayward is a comprehensive community college in the heart of a thriving, diverse community where students of all ages and backgrounds can get a high quality education at an affordable price. The college awards associate degrees and certificates, and specializes in university transfer, workforce training, and lifelong learning opportunities. http://www.chabotcollege.edu/


Fall: International Acclaim for Indian American Film

Proving their mettle and showcasing the vibrant talent across boundaries, Indian American filmmakers are now creating a space of their own, gaining acclaim and recognition from different international film festivals across the world. Fall (2018), a short film by Vigil Bose, is one such attempt. The film has received seventeen awards and fourteen nominations so far from various International film festivals held in India, Italy, and US, for best experimental film and superb performances.

Trying to deliver a unique perspective of psychological trauma faced by undercover operatives on their return from high-risk America’s anti-insurgent operations, Fall is an experimental short film that conveys a myriad of emotions through images and the power of silence. “It is a humble attempt to explore the lives of veterans, whom I admire a lot in my life,” says Vigil Bose, who is the writer, director and cinematographer for the film. “The story and characters are built around the traumatic occurrences, internal conflicts and stressful experiences that an undercover agent encounters in life. I have tried to experiment and convey the intensity of emotions through different shots rather than heavy exchange of dialogues” .  Produced by Three Eye Visuals, the cast of the short film includes Jiju Nair, Praveen Kumar, Sindhu Nair and Jon Feidl.

Describing the wonderful journey and hard work that went into the making of the film, the lead actor, Jiju Nair stated, “I was always on the lookout of a character that is really challenging and socially inclined and when Vigil approached me, I was more than happy to take up this project. The role not just required me to train physically but also to emotionally understand a character that is very complex and mysterious, and for which I had no model to study or look upon.” Jiju also added that the movie is an attempt to establish the presence of Indian American actors on the global stage.

Indian actors and filmmakers have been trying to create an imprint of their own in Hollywood for years. Still, the impact and representation is very small though changes are booming in the recent past. “Our movie-making is an attempt to change the representation and participation of Indian actors and filmmakers in the Hollywood industry. It is the main reason why I chose an Indian actor to portray a lead role in my film that focused on US undercover agents. The creative talent of Asians, especially Indians need to be explored and given more opportunities to flourish. Actors like Priyanka Chopra in Quantico are slowly paving the way for the change but more augmenting measures are required,” opined Vigil. He and Jiju Nair share a strong background in theatre, having acted together on numerous stages in Kochi, Kerala. Even though both of them are IT professionals, it is this same passion for art that brought them together to pursue their dream after so many years.

Their debut short film, Fall, has won awards at Oniros Film Awards, Italy for best cinematography, supporting actor, supporting actress; best experimental film and jury award at LakeView International Film Festival; gold award for best supporting actor, silver award for best actor, silver award for best editor, bronze award for best short film at Virgin Spring Cinefest; best short film-bronze award, best cinematography-silver award, best actor-bronze award, best actress-bronze award and best supporting actor-platinum award at Mindfield Film Festival, Albuquerque, NM, as well as several nominations and official selections at various prestigious film festivals across the globe.

The duo plan to take the short film to a next level of a motion picture in the future and are looking out for local investors. They are also working together to set out different business plans to host and distribute the movie, with a special focus on streaming media like Youtube Red and Amazon

“We have received tremendous feedback so far and hence would surely be working towards taking the movie to the next level,” added Vigil, who is currently also working on another forthcoming project, Chained, facing the camera as an actor after a long gap of 16 years. To relish the pure joy of creativity and attainment in life, both Vigil and Jiju now aim to continue and invest more time in exploring future opportunities in the movie industry.

Fall (2018). Director: Vigil Bose. Writers: Vigil Bose, Sujil Chandra Bose. Cast: Jiju Nair, Praveen Kumar, Sindhu Nair and Jon Feidl. Produced by: Three Eye Visuals.

Suchithra Pillai comes with nearly a decade’s experience in the field of journalism, exploring and writing about people, issues, and community for many leading publications in India and Denver, Colorado. In her spare time, you can find her scribbling down some thoughts in paper trying to find a rhyme or story out of small things, or expressing her love for dance on stage.