Summer in the Capitol

“As a messenger for the House of Representatives I will gain first-hand knowledge of the legislative process at the national level,” explains Yadav-Ranjan. A page works in the Capitol complex during business hours. Once a week a pair of pages is chosen to stay on the floor until the end of the session of Congress.

Yadav-Ranjan’s nomination came from Rep. Zoe Lofgren (D-San Jose) and was approved by the House leadership. “Shaan demonstrated his diligence and eagerness when he worked in my San Jose office as an intern, and I know he will represent San Jose well in our nation’s capitol,” said Lofgren in a press release.

Yadav-Ranjan is undecided on his career choice at this point, however he believes that the work ethics, the knowledge, and the leadership skills he will gain as page will be priceless in any field of work.

“To see history made in font of my eyes and play a small supporting role is an amazing opportunity. I plan to keep a journal of each day,” he says.

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