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It was a quintessentially cold American winter afternoon. It was barely 5pm and the sun was setting. As a recent immigrant to America, my spirits wearied, especially on such dark winter days. In desperation I googled “Indian-American magazines.” The first one that showed up was India Currents. As soon as I clicked on it, hours passed and a subliminal  thirst was quenched. I was taken back to India, not geographically but deep within my soul. I was transported to a place where I could hear and understand and speak and be understood. My diasporic dilemma felt natural and true.

During my first encounter as a writer for India Currents, I was met with respect due to a community or a family member. Articles were not only accepted but made to feel valued. Being an active spectator, I have recognized the heart element in everything that this organization  does. Stories are told from the heart and that’s what ties the diverse subjects from people from all over the world together on India Currents.

It’s been ten years since that winter day and I can hardly believe it!  I am now a part of this family’s fabric as Managing Editor. The honor is mine to experience every story in all its richness, to hunt for these jewels, help enhance them or merely bow to the power of their perfection. . 

The nature of the diaspora is a unique one. Its longing, passions, pain and will power have been the subjects of many an artist, author, poet and filmmaker. The need to belong is a human one and yet all of this is not outwardly apparent. To represent such a community while encouraging true dialogue is our privilege. These stories continue to inspire, resonate, and prove relatable again  and again, because they come from the depths of the diasporic community.

In its digital avatar, India Currents  will keep its heartful and real story telling alive. As digital content challenges us toward shorter, snippier pieces, we aim to achieve precision, articulation and nuance without compromising on quality. While we strive to be sleeker and clearer, we also look forward to opening up to more ideas, diversifying our palette to include different points of view across horizons. 

The beauty of the online platform is that it frees us from geographic limitations, it unites us in the spirit of all things Indian. Whether we are Indian by birth or Indian-American, liberal or conservative, artist or scientist — if we have a story to tell, we have a family to hear it. 

Preeti Hay is the Managing Editor of India Currents.

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