You can make a positive impact in the lives of youth through the only profession that inspires all others – teaching.

A report by the Learning Policy Institute in January of 2022 found that some of California’s largest school districts had 10% of vacancies unfilled at the start of the new school year. It’s crucial that our county’s schools are well staffed and reflect the diversity of Santa Clara County to ensure the success of our nearly 260,000 students.

High need subjects include:

●      Bilingual Education

●      Science

●      Technology

●      Engineering

●      Mathematics

●      Career Technical Education in STEM

●      Special Education

●      Multiple Subject Instruction

●      Transitional Kindergarten

●      Counseling

State and local programs provide support to aspiring educators, ensuring helpful resources and guidance to navigate the process.

The Santa Clara County Office of Education’s Educator Preparation Programs provide innovative ways for future teachers and administrators to enter new careers in education. With the continued expansion of our Educators Preparation Programs like EPIC and LEAP, special education teachers and leaders are prepared to enter the profession with support throughout the credentialing process.

New programs such as Educator Workforce Pathways provide educator candidates access points to pursue and complete a teaching credential in a desired area. These programs will offer Multiple Subject Credentials and Single Subject Science Credentials in the coming year.

Last year Educator Preparation Programs issued 130 Preliminary Education Specialist Credentials, 83 Preliminary Administrative Services Credentials, 32 Administrative Services Credentials, and 11 teacher inductions. The Professional Learning and Instructional Support Division offers grants to the majority of students, including the new Golden State Teacher Grant (GSTG).

The GSTG Program awards up to $20,000 to students enrolled in a professional preparation program approved by the Commission on Teacher Credentialing including teachers and counselors. Applicants must work towards their preliminary teaching or pupil personnel services credential. For the 2021-22 fiscal year there were 32 Golden State Teacher Grant recipients, with 13 having received funds in the current fiscal year. Currently, over 90% of the student body in preliminary programs are grant recipients and are paying no tuition fees.

A virtual Step Into Teaching event is scheduled for Saturday, February 11 from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. The event focuses on helping anyone including career changers who may be interested in pursuing a career in education. Those interested in the profession will gain a wealth of knowledge about what is required to become a teacher or counselor, how to navigate the credentialing process, compensation, retirement, and financial aid. There is also the opportunity to meet and talk with classroom educators and experts about the rewards and challenges of a profession in education.

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