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India Currents gave me a voice in days I was very lost. Having my articles selected for publishing was very validating – Shailaja Dixit, Executive Director, Narika, Fremont

What a month! We’ve celebrated 35 years of India Currents — an organization that has persisted in the face of a changing environment. 

Former India Currents Managing Editor – Srishti Prabha (Image Credit: Sree Sripathy)

India Currents and I made our acquaintance in my childhood, 31 years ago. IC was my first bathroom companion (before Harry Potter and internet-enabled phones). At times, it was a friend with whom I could share a meal between homework assignments, and other times, IC was there for pillow talk, gently lulling me to sleep. It was comforting knowing that I had an in-house companion for when I was bored or lonely.

We parted ways when I decided I needed freedom. I moved across the country for college and then for a job, abandoning my friend and my home. IC waited patiently for my return and sure enough, I made my way back. 

Fast forward, IC quickly became my first journalistic love. I have had the immense privilege of being able to shape what the past few years would be like for my old friend. IC has ebbed and flowed, making space for some of my interests. From showcasing the innovative poetry being produced by the South Asian diaspora to exploring the narrative of Dimple Ben at my local Desi grocery store, I have gotten to reconnect with IC and our friendship has been invaluable.

This is a poignant moment for me. IC turns 35 and as this month comes to an end, so does my tenure at India Currents. We survived a pandemic and did not come out the other side resentful of one another!

To the woman who helms IC, Vandana Aunty, you are a source of strength. Much like my relationship with IC, my relationship with you has transformed from aunty-beta to something more indescribable — a space where I could challenge, grow, and adapt. I am leaving IC a more resilient woman and that is because of you. 

I want to thank Vandana Aunty and Vijay Uncle for their ability to be relentlessly positive, supportive, understanding, innovative, thoughtful, insightful, and more when I felt the odds were insurmountable. They handed over their precious asset to lil ol’ me and it was their confidence that guided my path. I know how many thankless hours they put into running this organization — so, THANK YOU! I am grateful for what you have created and continue to create. 

Many thanks to our Contributing Editor Meera who shared opportunities with me and fielded my countless questions when I was frantically trying to learn everything there was to know about journalism. Katie, Isha, and Swati were the arm and leg I needed when things seemed to be going wrong and IC wouldn’t be where it is without them. A huge thank you to the numerous writers who have collaborated and shared their wisdom with me. I have learned so much from all of you. And last but not least, thank you, readers, for being interested in the content we’ve curated!

In the past month, our team has acquired a few new members and lost others!  We welcome to the IC team our new Contributing Editor Rasana Atreya, Operations Manager Priya Lava, and Engagement Manager Alakananda Mookerjee

Incoming India Currents Managing Editor – Sunita Sohrabji

Taking over my position as Managing Editor is veteran reporter Sunita Sohrabji. She has covered the Indian American community for more than 18 years. Sohrabji has received 15 local and national awards for excellence in journalism. She has also completed six reporting fellowships, including a project with the International Center for Journalists, for which she investigated the disposal of electronic waste in India’s slums. Sohrabji is a graduate of CSU Sacramento, with dual degrees in government and journalism. Reach out to Sunita Sohrabji at to congratulate her on her position!

I leave India Currents to begin a new endeavor as an Education Reporter for the Sacramento Observer and CapRadio (NPR). Don’t hesitate to follow my journey on Twitter @prabhalems or to stay connected with me through email. You are in good hands!

Until next time,

Srishti Prabha

Srishti Prabha

Srishti Prabha was the Managing Editor at India Currents and has worked in low-income/affordable housing as an advocate for children, women, and people of color. She is passionate about diversifying spaces,...