Sri Lakshmi Ganapathi Temple October 2018 Events

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Monday, October 1st: Sri Maha Vyadeeyapadam.

Tuesday, October 2ndMadhya Asthami.

Wednesday, October 3rd: Sri Avidhava Navami.

Thursday, October 4th: Evening at 5 PM, Shiva abhisheka aarati and manthra pushpa.

Evening at 6 PM, Gurupeyarchi transition from Thula Raasi to Vrischika Raasi. Nakshatras are Visakha, Anuradha. Jyeshta. Special Guru transition, Hima Parihara required Raasis are Vrishcika, Dhanur, Kumbha, Mesha, Mithuna, Simha, Kanya, and Parihara. Not required Raasis are Makara Meena, Rishabha, Kataka, and Thula. All are welcome to participate with family.

Saturday, October 6th: Evening at 4 PM, Sri Venkateswara abhisheka, continues with Sri Vishnu Sahasra Nama chanting, Sani Praodhsam, Shiva Srirudra abhisheka, aarati and manthr pushpa.

Monday, 8th: Sarva Mahalaya Amavasya Tharpanam Sarva Mahalaya Amavasya Pithru Paksha.

Please contact the temple for further information for Mahalaya Amavasya pithru paksha tharpanam. Please bring the following items: rice, dhall, jaggery, beetle leaves (4 numbers), Beetle nuts (2 numbers), black sesame seeds (black ellu / nalla nuvulu, black till), fruits, flowers and prasadam. Keeping of Golu.

Wednesday, October 10th: Nava Rathri pooja begins from October 10th to October 18th. Everyday night at 8 PM, Sri Lalitha sahasra nama archana by devotees.

Sunday, Octomer 14th: Sukla Sashti vratha night at 9 PM, Sri Subramanya sahasra nama archana.

Wednesday, October 17th: Evening at 5 PM, Shiva abhisheka, aarati and manthra pushpa, Sri Durga Ashtami, Sri Chandi homa. Evening at 6 PM, Sri Chandi homa, Sri Durga saptha sathi paad. All are welcome to participate with family.

Thursday, October 18th: Sri Saraswathi pooja.

Friday, October 19th: Sri Vijaya Dasami. Temple opens at 6 AM, Sri Venkateswara suphrabhatam, continued with Sri Buwaneswari / Sri Lalihta Devi abhisheka, continued with Sri Lalitha sahasra nama chanting, aksharabhyasa.

For akshrabhyasa, please bring the following items: tumeric powder, kumkum, sandal powder, beetle leaves (4 numbers), beetle nuts( 2 numbers), coconut (1 number), camphor, agarbathi, flowers, banana (6 numbers), rice, 1 packet of coins (15 numbers), slate and pencil (writing material), new vasthram for your baby, any sweets prasadam for naivedya.

Monday, October 22nd: Evening at 6 PM, Soma pradosham, Shiva Sri Rudra abhisheka, aarati and manthra pushpa.

Wednesday, October 24th: Pournami vratha, Evening at 5:30 PM, Shiva Sri maha annaabhisheka for Aipasii Pournami aarathi and manthra pushpa.

Evening at 6:30 PM, Pournami Sri Sathyanaratana Swamy vratha / pooja, aarati and manthra pushpa.

Friday, October 26th: Evening at 5 PM,  Kritika vratha, Sri Valli Deva Seana sametha, Sri Subramanya abhisheka, aarati and manthra pushpa.

Saturday, October 27th: 12 Noon, Sri Nava Graha homa / Sri Saneeswara Graha homa, continued with Sri Nava Graha abhisheka / Sri Saneeswara Graha abhisheka, aarati and manthra pushpa.

Afternoon at 2 PM, Sro Venkateswara abhisheka, continued with Sri Vishnu sahasra nama chanting, aarati and manthra pushpa.

Evening at 5 PM, Sri Sankata Hara chathruthi, Sri Lakshmi Ganapathi homa / Sri Lakshmi Ganapathi abhisheka, aarati and manthra pushpa.




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