WomenNow announces this year’s Spring India Day event to be hosted at Union Square, in the heart of San Francisco on June 6th, 2015 from 11 am through 6pm. The day long festivities include a series of ethnic presentations from diverse Indian traditions and ends with a grand finale of WomenNow pageant and banquet.

The Consulate General of San Francisco, Ambassador Venkatesan Ashok along with eminent political leaders, entrepreneurs and investors from the Silicon Valley are patronizing the event. Some of the key sponsors are Zee TV,

Western Union, Etihad, Shashtha, Comcast, Incredible India, NYL, Adventz, Yupp TV, New Delhi restaurant.

The proceeds from ticket sale will contribute towards an initiative undertaken by “Compassionate Chefs Cafe” to help nourish the lives of underprivileged children though art and education. You can learn more about the initiative here: http://www.compassionatechefs.org/.

Please reserve your tickets todayhttp://tickets.shopdesibazaar.com/event/view/id/190

WomenNow TV is a trend setting Talk Show that showcases the most thought provoking concepts and happenings of the South Asian Diaspora in the United States. Along with promoting Indian culture and hegemony, WomenNow has played an important role over the years, in creating awareness on various social and humanitarian issues that impact not only the ethnic Indian community but also the mainstream multitude of the American society at large. “The buoyant hi-tech fraternity of the Silicon Valley serves as a great melting pot and keeping attuned with that synergy, WomenNow advocates conscious living and camaraderie”, says Ena Sarkar, the Founder,CEO and Executive Producer of WomenNow who is been a resident in the Valley for almost 20 years now.

Keeping up with that spirit, WomenNow just celebrated their 5 years of presence and serving the community at the New Delhi restaurant in San Francisco with more than 150 people attending the event. The guest list comprised of high profile entrepreneurs, investors, dignitaries, friends and families

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