South Asian Heart Center Gala


Scarlet Night –an affair of the heart is a signature Silicon Valley event, attended by over 600+ philanthropists, physicians, and business/community leaders. It serves as a stage for the Center to raise funds as it addresses the twin epidemics of heart disease and diabetes among South Asians (who have more than four times the risk of heart disease than the general population) by extending reach of awareness campaigns, enlarging scope of prevention services, expanding network of trained physiciansand enhancing risk prediction with research efforts. All donations fund the Center’s Outreach, Prevention, Education, and Research initiatives to reduce heart disease and diabetes in the community among South Asians.


The Scarlet Night 2014 Team


The Executive Director of South Asian Heart Center: Ashish Mathur


Dance the Night Away: Bombay Jam



San Jose City Council Member Ash Kalra awarding a plaque to

Ashish Mathur and Dr. Cesar Molina


Ash Kalra with Dr. Cesar Molina and Ashish Mathur


Keynote address by Dr. Tony Nader

Dr. Tony Nader, head of the Worldwide Transcendental Meditation organization; He completed his post-doctoral work as a Clinical and Research Fellow in Neurology Harvard Medical School; Has conducted research on neurochemistry, neuroendocrinology, and the relationship between diet, age, behavior, mood, seasonal influences, and neurotransmitter and hormonal activity, and on the role of neurotransmitter precursors in medicine. Dr. Nader’s desire to gain total understanding of the human mind and body—of consciousness and physiology—led him to the study Vedic Science and Technology.

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