Cinequest Film Festival 2022 premieres Marathi film 'The Other Side'. (Image Credit: Cinequest and India Currents)

The legacy of Cinequest is bringing Silicon Valley’s spirit of technology innovation to the arts in order to empower cutting-edge work. During the pandemic, Cinequest became a vanguard when they created a virtual platform for film and film events. This virtual platform is thriving beyond the pandemic, providing an experience that is much more than streaming. Now reimagined as Cinejoy, the platform featured the artists and films of Cinequest.

The new Cinejoy features include: 

  • Screening parties where artists and the community host intimate and fun live interactions—engaging people around their experiences with Cinejoy movies and events. Parties provide a cutting-edge integration option with virtual event space.
  • Passports where Cinejoy audiences have the fun of getting stamps for their screenings and events. More importantly, Passport reviews plus up-down voting of other users’ reviews connect people with like minds—making the community discovery of art uniquely powerful.
  • Enhanced live Spotlight Events including a photo-booth, host video welcomes, red carpets, and intimate conversations with artists. 

“What differentiates Cinequest started from its founding team being a dynamic combination of artists, technologists, and leaders. You’ll find this reflected in our Leadership Council which includes legendary innovators Steve Wozniak and Marty Cooper (father of the cell phone), as well as producers, writers, educators, and entrepreneurs. The commonality is creativity and a commitment to opportunity for all,” says Halfdan Hussey, Co-Founder & CEO of Cinequest.

In recent years, Indian cinema of all genres and styles—which offer a window into India’s culture, history, and modern relationships—has begun to make a global splash. The 2022 festival aims to showcase the talents of India’s rising stars behind and in front of the camera. 

This year features the US premiere of a Marathi film:

The Other Side (‘Palyad’)

Language: Marathi 

Director: Shailesh Bhimrao Dupare


Film still from ‘The Other Side’ (Image Credit: Cinequest)

The story of a family-comprising grandfather, Mahadu, his widowed daughter-in-law Lakshmi, and her young son Shambhu. This family belongs to the ‘Smashan Jogi’ community which traditionally assists people in carrying out the last rites of their loved ones. As head of the family, Mahadu strongly believes in the traditional work of cremating people with age-old ritual and expects young Shambhu to carry on this tradition forward once he grows up, just as his late son did. Yet Shambhu hates this traditional work of cremating people, instead, he is interested in donning a uniform and attending school. But education is forbidden for the Smashan Jogi community in this bigoted village, where the leader considers superstitious, religious beliefs above progressive human endeavors. Shambhu stealthily attempts to attend the local school with help of his mother, but will that pay a heavy price? 

A detailed round-up of all the other offerings:

Live SPOTLIGHT events

This year the event will be featuring Amanda Seyfried, Gemma Arterton, Will Poulter, Shiloh Fernandez, Rosario Dawson, Corey Stoll, Karen Pittman, Hari Nef at the Spotlight events: meet the artists; enjoy red carpets; have a photobooth shot with a star; enjoy intimate conversations with artists and luminaries; and discover and screen new movies.

SHOWCASE film screenings

Discover and experience the world’s finest new films representing a wide array of emotions and genres. There are bound to be many films just right for your taste. 


Attend or host a screening party to share and discuss any of the amazing Cinejoy movies. Think book clubs for movies. 


Mona Shah is a multi-platform storyteller with expertise in digital communications, social media strategy, and content curation for Twitter and LinkedIn for C-suite executives. A journalist and editor, her experience spans television, cable news, and magazines. An avid traveler and foodie, she loves artisan food and finding hidden gems: restaurants, recipes, destinations. 


Mona Shah is a multi-platform storyteller with expertise in digital communications, social media strategy, and content curation for Twitter and LinkedIn for C-suite executives. A journalist and editor,...