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India Currents gave me a voice in days I was very lost. Having my articles selected for publishing was very validating – Shailaja Dixit, Executive Director, Narika, Fremont

T he only person you can depend for the rest of your life is you yourself, your inner-self.”                                                                                                                                     —Upanishad.


Most people underestimate the power of silence and associate it with ignorance or aloofness. Perhaps it is the most misunderstood faculty or the state of mind. Silence provides a chance to reflect and introspect. There is this perfect word in Sanskrit called: mannan, which means to reflect and to understand through introspection, so that a better perspective can be comprehended objectively. Silence is the tool that opens your consciousness to the ultimate truth or inner reality, beyond the confusion of the world of senses.

Adi Shankara wrote in Vivekachudamani, “Vedas speak the inner world, which cannot be perceived by the mind, intellect or the sense organs.”

Those who are trapped in the mundane matters of survival are at the mercy of 90,000  thoughts that bombard their minds everyday. Meditating properly requires you to be able silence your conscience mind. You have to let go of all conscious thoughts such as worry, fear, anxiety, stress, anger, and any other negative thoughts that may enter your mind.

It may come as a surprise to many that this silence, the life changing transformation, originates from within; and is linked to the “beyond.” The mind or intellect cannot fathom or grasp the subtleties of this inner silence. It is this silence that has the most profound effect on our body, mind and the external world we live in and prosper. This silence is nothing but the silence of the heart, the silence of the Infinite, which is always around us.

“Tune into yourself everything is within,” a great philosopher once said. Everything that emanates from within is a message from beyond or from the inner world. Intuition of divine essence flows from within.

In order to access your inner self, silence is a very valuable tool that can sharpen your mind and intellect. Keeping the mind away from distracting thoughts, silence aids in the process of concentration and focus. For beginners, observing a few minutes of silence three times day can do wonders for the inner creative juices to start flowing. In that state of silence, you are connected to your higher self. You have to shut off from all outer activities and mental chatter and keep the windows of the soul open and in tune with your higher self.

•It is ideal to sit in a comfortable position for at least three minutes three times a day.

•Seek out a solitary place or corner where you live. Sit cross-legged or in a comfortable position wearing loose clothes. Let your body completely relax and become aware of any movement of the body or the mind.

•Close your eyes and focus your gaze or your awareness between your eyebrows, called the ajna chakra.

•Become aware of the inhaling and exhaling of breath through both the nostrils.Deep breathing slows down the heart rate, relaxes the muscles to help you have comfortable experience and tune into your higher self faster.

In that stillness you may hear the whispers of intuition. No need to analyze or use the mind to intellectualize or resort to mental manipulations of any kind.

In that silent state of mind, you can listen to your own heartbeats, experience the state of harmony, a sense of deep relaxation, and become one with that Infinite source of knowledge and power. It brings out and cleanses any old layers of mental, emotional and religious baggage or any blockages of stress and discomfort. In that silence, as Buddha says “to question not and to answer not.” When the inner silence becomes free from the spirit of questioning, it opens up new vistas of opportunities, new spiritual insights, imbued with your own essence, uniquely your own, you never knew you had.

When you are deep into that silence, just for a few seconds, see, hear, smell… in your heart what it is that you want from life. Feel as if it would already be yours.

In that silence, you let the higher power flow through you and awaken you to the gifts of the universe. Many aspirants feel energized, heal themselves, reach a balanced state of mind, think with lot more clarity and experience enhanced states of creativity, peace and abundance.

It is a well known fact that most of the renowned artists, musicians, poets and authors seek out solitary places, away from the worldly noise, to compose their works as they consciously seek out silence which helps them to ignite the spark of creativity, and discover the deep secrets by the creative outflow of inner intelligence by the inner illuminator. Some talk of experiencing new awakening in those silent catalytic moments, the moments of transformation, to know the real from the unreal, to be showered with grace by an unseen force, without their trying. They feel the divine ecstasy, the harmonious alignment of body, mind and soul, and sip the divine nectar of this mystical union.

Jagmohan “Joy” Kapur is a published poet, lyricist, intuitive guide, and Quantum Manifestation coach. He is the author of four books, including, “This is no Secret’ and “The Divine Perfume of Love.”