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2b205a6fad75b3da9ad79ce8f994ee84-1For 2011 the South Asian Journalists Association (SAJA) is offering $36,000 in student scholarships in various categories.  The goal of the annual scholarships program is to assist students with pursing careers in journalism.

If you are a high school senior about to enter college, an undergraduate, or a student starting or continuing your graduate studies, and you intend to pursue a journalism career, here is your chance to get help with your educational expenses.

The 2011 SAJA student scholarships include the following categories:

* Three SAJA scholarships for high school students $1,500 each
* One SAJA Engendered scholarship for an undergraduate student $1,000
* Three SAJA scholarships for undergraduate students of $3,000 each
* One SAJA Engendered scholarship for a graduate student for $1,000
* One SAJA Atlantic Monthly New Media scholarship $1,500
* Three SAJA scholarships for graduate students of $5,000 each
* One SAJA CNN scholarship for broadcast journalism for an undergraduate student for $2,000
* One SAJA CNN scholarship for broadcast journalism for a graduate student for $2,000

These annual monetary awards recognize the reporting abilities and commitment of emerging journalists. Students from across the United States, Canada and South Asia can apply for the awards. But applicants must be pursuing their education in a North American educational insititution.  The judging is conducted by SAJA professional members.

Applicants with financial hardship may be given special consideration. Recipients are expected to give back to SAJA by volunteering at the annual convention or at other events during the year. They also must provide an update of their journalistic endeavors and achievements at the conclusion of the academic year.

Applications must be submitted via e-mail by 11:59 p.m. (Pacific time), Tuesday March 15, 2010. Applicants may be interviewed by phone or in person by a member of the scholarship committee. Winners will be notified in April.

DOWNLOAD THE ENTRY FORM:  2011 SAJA Scholarships.doc

Direct questions to [email protected]

PLEASE NOTE: The SAJA Scholarships are made possible, in part, through the generous contributions of the Arun I. and Asmita Bhatia Foundation; Hansa and Ramesh Butani of Darshan TV; and CNN. Our many thanks to them.

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