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India Currents gave me a voice in days I was very lost. Having my articles selected for publishing was very validating – Shailaja Dixit, Executive Director, Narika, Fremont

Is there anything that tops a really good belly laugh? You know, one of those body-racking types that revives your spirit and warms your soul. Well, if you are looking for a rollicking, rib-tickling night of pure unadulterated fun, then look no further.

Prolific playwright Neil Simon made his name with a long and successful series of character- driven comedies, like the The Odd Couple — but with this play he felt the need for a change of pace, and set out to produce a zany, plot- driven farce, concerned only with generating laughs.

A celebrity couple have invited their friends to celebrate their 10th wedding anniversary, but as guests arrive they discover that the husband has shot himself through the ear, the wife is missing, and the servants have left without preparing dinner. To protect the hosts from rumor mills, the friends attempt to cover up the whole episode – from the outside world and from each other – setting off a spiraling web of secrets, lies and misunderstandings, and a crazy night of classic slamming-door farcical hilarity.

“Farce is one of the funnest yet one of the more challenging genres to direct. While all comedy is about timing, a physical comedy with all those slamming doors and pratfalls is about crazy precision. At the same time, the actors also have to keep a straight face through it all.  We have broken that rule so many times in rehearsals, it’s not funny.  But if laughter is therapy, my team and I are all on the happy path to wellness. We all need more laughter in our lives and rumor has it that this play is the perfect antidote and cleansing agent for the hyper-stressed world we live in today.” says director Agastya.

The plot defies both logic and description, but Director Harish Agastya has assembled a top-notch cast of comic actors, including Anjali Bhide, Chaitanya Godse, Chanpreet Singh, Ekta Brahmakshatri, Kamala Subramaniam, Natraj Kumar, Ritwik Verma, Bruce Blau, Deanna Shinsky and Roshni Datta.

A successful farce depends on highly energetic, talented actors whose comedic timing must be completely synchronous and this bunch delivers.  Rumor has it that Rumors is a must see!

Dates: Feb 21 – Mar 1

Venue: Cubberley Theater, 4000 Middlefield Road, Palo Alto, CA 94303


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