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India Currents gave me a voice in days I was very lost. Having my articles selected for publishing was very validating – Shailaja Dixit, Executive Director, Narika, Fremont

The second annual Building Women Empowered Award’s ceremony took place on Mar. 25 in Pleasanton, Calif. at the Goal Line Production building.

It’s theme was Timeless Beauties. Seventy-eight women aged between 20 to 72, gathered on a Saturday afternoon to honor women’s journeys at all ages.

Women old and young took part in a fashion show with clothes from a collection ‘Soohab by Kaur’. Chief guest Karla Brown, the Mayor of Pleasanton, surprised attendees as she walked the runway ramp as the event’s showstopper.

Other special guests included Vice Mayor of Fremont Teresa Cox, Executive Producer for COLSAC and Biblical Films Rosemarie Smith-Coleman, and Punjabi actress and author Kimi Verma.

Rennu Dhillon conceptualized Building Women Empowered (BWE Tribe) in 2021. She envisioned gathering women from around the globe who believed in empowering themselves and other women, and supporting each other as they pursued their goals and grew in their self-worth.

“You don’t need someone else to tell you how good you are,” she told the audience.

Reema Khanolkar, first runner up of Ms. NRI Global 2022 and makeup artist  Sonal Sehgal choreographed the fashion show. Models included Nikki Randhawa, Sonal Maharaj, Supreet Thiara, Tania Lal Sharma, Dr. Mona Brar-Sidhu, Monita Sharma, Anjana Rajagopalan, Vinder Dhillon, Vidya Hariharan, Archana Jain, Nivisha Mehta, Sammi Sandhu, Sonia Maharaj, Anette Khaliq, Sharanjit Kaur, Sadhna Sood, Kay Walia and Dr. Meena Katdare. 

The second half of the afternoon celebrated= recipients of the Building Women Empowered awards. BWE recognizes women who have made a difference in their families, their businesses, their company, or their community. “We all have a fire in us as women. We just sometimes forget that we do,” said award winner Sadhna Sood, who became a Nurse Practitioner as a second career.

This year’s winners included the following:

  • Momprenuer Award– Manpreet Kaur, Mina Nugent, Sammi Sandhu.
  • The Single Mom Award – Jazz Deem
  • Women in Tech Award – Mohini Soodan
  • Health and Wellness Award – Sadhna Sood
  • Millennial Leader Award – Urmila Javalekar
  • Inspiration Award – Poonam Bajaj of Sitarre TV
  • Fashion Award – Navpreet Kaur of Soohab by Kaur
  • Cultural Ambassador Award – Harjit Uppal
  • The UnSung Hero – Shirin Kamal and Mayor Karla Brown

Appreciation awards were given to Kimi Verma, Rosemarie Smith-Coleman, and Fremont Vice Mayor Teresa Cox. The event also acknowledged Wendy Madden of Goal Line Productions, Shanti Wines, Supriya Patel of Mass Mutual, Saru Latha of Bohozena, Sharan Gill of Revo Med Spa, Sammi Sandhu Skin Care, Jigna Faria of Meethapan, Nam Randhawa of Citadel and Kim and Rinku Khara. 

Sree Sripathy joined India Currents as a staff photographer and CatchLight Local Fellow as part of CatchLight's California Local Visual Desk program in June 2022. Reach out with story ideas or comments...