Remembering David Bowie. His Song Powered Indian Director Tarsem’s Video

 David Bowie, the visionary British rock star who sprinkled stardust on many generations of music lovers died aged 69 of cancer.

Just two days after releasing his new album “Blackstar“, which won some of the best critical reviews of his career, David Bowie bowed out of this world.

Three years ago the rock icon’s music came to us via a commercial from Indian director Tarsem Singh, Sony Electronics and advertising firm McCann London. The TV spot for the Sony Xperia Z smartphone featured Bowie’s 1977 track, “Sound and Vision” and was released online by McCann.

The mix by Sonjay Prabhakar utilized the original lead vocals and Mary Hopkin’s backing vocal with a new piano part by Rob Gentry.

As Bowie’s people wrote on his Facebook page: “The remix strips the song right back to Bowie‘s original vocal, which is accompanied by a beautiful piano part, lending a completely new flavor to the 1977 ‘Low’ outtake.”

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