Ford Trimotor

In 1927 most airlines flew a plane called Ford Trimotor. It was the world’s most advanced airliner. It seated 11 passengers, flew at 107 miles per hour and had a range of 570 miles. Two pilots manually flew it. It opened up transcontinental service. Compare this with Airbus 380 today: it seats 544 passengers, flies at 945 km per hour and has a range of 15,200 km, and STILL only 2 pilots! In fact this plane is mostly flown by a computer, i.e. artificial intelligence or AI.

Healthcare, the world over, is stuck in the Ford Trimotor state. Doctors are manually running it and resisting any attempt to automate the system using artificial intelligence.

Read R. Jagannathan’s piece about healthcare in India and discover the relationship with aviation industry as I have described above. The conclusion will become obvious.