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For most of us the last few weeks of December are typically a rush of holiday parties, gatherings, and shopping. All the festivity and frivolity of the season, while joyful, does add an element of stress, especially if you are hosting parties or have to cook something special for your family.

So, as we enter the busy holiday season, I want to share a few of 2022’s most loved recipes. Easy breezy new recipes developed by me that became crowd-pleasing favorites and part of your permanent recipe archives.

Here’s hoping that this New Year is better than the last with a lot of cooking, baking and cocktail making!

Chocolate Pani Puri w/Paan Pani Shots

A riff on Pani Puri, but as a dessert, with chocolate covered puri’s and paan ice cream shots.

Pani Puri dessert, with chocolate covered puris and paan ice cream shots (image: Mona Shah)

Palak Methi na Muthiya

My mom’s recipe – these are quick and easy to make, tasty and healthy.

Spinach & fenugreek tidbits, lightly steamed or fried, make a tasty farsan (snack)! (image: Mona Shah)

Dilwale Coconut Shake 

Pappu Juice Wala, a hidden gem on Mohammad Ali Road in Mumbai has the most decadent cream of fresh coconut mixed with heavy cream, sugar and nuts.

A coconut cream dessert that will steal your heart! (image: Mona Shah)

Flatbread Pizzas

Trader Joe’s rectangular pizza crust, with toppings of your choice and topped with lemony arugula, this comes together super-fast.

A simple flatbread pizza makes an easy summer meal. (image: Meena Desai)

COCKTAIL: For Your Eyes Only 

This is literally for your eyes only. Use a Nick and Nora glass for this cocktail. Champagne syrup is a simple syrup made with champagne instead of water. 

For Your Eyes Only (image: Kristen Loken)

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