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Commemorating her silver jubilee this year, Anuradha Sridhar, Director of Trinity School for Music goes back 25 years in her career as a music teacher, honoring her mother—musician, performer, and teacher Lalgudi Srimathi Brahmanandam.

As a choreographer and composer, Anuradha’s projects have viewership across a far reaching audience, with solos, musicals, operas, and world fusion music. She has often enlisted her brother and master percussionist Shriram Brahmanandam in her expeditions where she staged Ilango Adigal’s, Silappadikaram, the Magnum Opus of Saint Thyagaraja Naukacharitramu, for San Francisco World Music.

Anuradha’s talent even saw Karnatik violin’s debut in western theaters in the form of Walt Disney’s Jungle Book, with a whopping 110 shows to sold out houses, The Jungle Book went on to become Huntington Theater’s highest grossing production of all time.

Anuradha celebrates 25 years with a tribute to her guru, Lalgudi Srimathi Brahmanandam by staging a musical extravaganza primed to storm four cities—Chennai, Tiruchirapallai, Bengaluru, and San Jose, July 25-Aug 22.
A crowning moment of Trinity’s silver jubilee celebration will be the Lifetime Achievement award bestowed upon Lalgudi Srimathi Brahmanandam by R.R. Sabha, Tiruchirapalli on the occasion of their centenary celebrations this year. In addition, the distinguished Dindigul Fine Arts Academy will also be felicitating Lalgudi Srimathi Brahmanandam with the title of Sangeetha Sevakara Bhushan at the JSS Auditorium, Bangalore and felicitate Anuradha on her milestone celebrations.  As a personal tribute to their guru, Anuradha and her students will also be performing at the Madras Music Academy, Chennai.

On August 22, San Jose audiences will witness a rare treat as the celebration continues. The launch of the Trinity Online University—a global outreach educational program for committed music students around the world, and the DVD Release of Anuradha’s concerts aired by Swaralahari, (a Bay Area non-profit promoter hosting TV concerts) are amongst other significant events that will take place during the course of these celebrations.

August 22, 4 p.m. CET Auditorium, 701, Vine St., San Jose. $15. (650) 704-1720, (408) 896-9988, (408) 582-8119.,,

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