Advertising is one of the keys to growing any business. In order to do it effectively, you have to have an outlet that reaches your target audience and has a high viewership. The more you can target your ads through these types of channels, the more effective you will be. With this in mind, we allow advertisers who partner with us the unique opportunity to market to the Indian American population through one of the most popular Indian American News Publications in the United States. Our readership is vast and covers a broad spectrum of incomes, lifestyles and age groups within the Indian American community. When a company chooses to partner with us, they do so knowing they’ll have an opportunity reach a large target population for far less than most other Indian American Media with a much higher ROI, due to the extremely popular nature of our Indian American magazine. We also screen our advertise to make sure that what they would have to offer is in line with the values of our company and those of our readers. This allows us both to move forward with confidence, having done our due diligence in establishing beneficial partnerships

To learn more about our partnership programs and how you can advertise with India Currents, contact our offices in San Jose and let us know how we can help you.