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Issues relating to submission of applications by erstwhile PIO Cardholders with valid PIO cards as on January 9th 2015 for registration as OCI Cardholders have been re-examined by the Central Government.

Accordingly, the following course of action has been decided:

The entire OCI application and processing system, including the submission of the application, uploading the requisite documents and payment of fee will be brought online by July 31st 2015.

The date for submission of the application for registration as OCI cardholder by the erstwhile PIO cardholders is extended till March 31st 2016.  This cutoff date will be only for submission of the applications online by the applicants.

As on date, all PIO cardholders are deemed to be OCI cardholders in terms of the notification issued by this Ministry on 9th January, 2015.  Therefore, the erstwhile PIO cardholder with a valid PIO card as on January 9th 2015 will have to upload only the following documents with his/her application:-

Copy of the valid Passport

Copy of the PIO card

The applicants can submit the applications online from anywhere.  The grant of OCI card in lieu of the PIO card will be on a gratis basis and no fee shall be payable by the applicant.

The OCI Card shall be issued by the Indian Mission/ Post/ FRRO concerned within the jurisdiction of the applicant’s place of residence.  The applicant will have to approach the Indian Mission/ Post/ FRRO concerned only for collecting the OCI Card by surrendering the PIO card.


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