Once known as the Nehru jacket, the bundi waistcoat has taken on it’s new patron’s name. The Times of India now calls it the Modi jacket. PM Modi has worn it with a dapper style that has quite made it his own.

The jacket has gone a step further and morphed into a chic vehicle of diplomacy. 42 heads of state and government attending the 3rd India-Africa Forum Summit, will attend the dinner wearing the same Modi jacket, specially designed by government agencies. The jackets along with an ikat kurta are being presented to the heads of state. One of the biggest gatherings of African countries, outside Africa, promises to be a colorful affair.

The PM had gifted the same ‘Modi jacket’ to President Xi Jinping of China – when Xi visited India last year.

The gandhi topi, nehru red-rose adorned bandhgala, jodhpur trousers, wellington boots, eisenhower jacket are now joined by their new cousin, the modi jacket.

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